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We work with businesses who may be struggling with marketing or panicking over profit and help them to plan, package and promote so that they get in front of more of their ideal clients and customers. This allows them to focus on ventures and opportunities which will take them to a profoundly profitable place.

Tourism Consultancy

The tourism sector is one of pure passion for Bofin Consultancy. We consider this sector one of the key areas that drive the Irish economy and economies worldwide. We work with a variety of businesses in this area to help them package, plan, promote, develop, grow sales revenue and in-still some productive systems internally. The focus in on building a path to profit and strengthening the offer. Each piece of tourism consultancy differs. For this reason, we approach each piece of work with a fresh set of eyes and develop a bespoke plan of action over a specific period of time in line with the client’s requirements.

Strategic Business Sales Marketing Consultancy

Sales and marketing planning projects are undertaken with either an existing sales & marketing function at the client business or alternatively with the business owner/manager. All sales and marketing planning projects commence with an overview, which, helps us to identify key areas that require assistance and attention. We plan proactively with every client. Strategic sales and marketing planning helps businesses to be more competitive. When executed over a longer period of time, the business will reap financial and business rewards. As part of every single sales & marketing project undertaken, we will address not just sales and marketing at the business, we will exercise a complete operational overview. We believe that every aspect of the business can affect the success of sales and marketing efforts. By completing the overview, the client and ourselves are more informed and can see the full picture and plan the proper sales and marketing activity that will help the business to get in front of more of its ideal clients, recharge revenue and succeed consistently for the long-term. We offer tailored business programmes for specific sectors. The programmes include the OTT programme developed for the Tourism & Hospitality sector and the Get SMARTT programme for the SME and start-up sectors.

Business Mentoring

We offer a business mentoring service to any business professional/owner/manager who wishes to address the business as a whole and take steps to develop the business both operationally and financially. The time spent in the Bofin business mentoring programme provides business owners and managers time to take a step back and address all areas of the business individually that concern them. Each concern and/or issue is addressed with a plan of action and recommendations. It then allows you to put the “jigsaw” together so to speak. Bofin Marketing is also a registered business mentor as part of the mentoring panels at Wexford LEO, Carlow LEO, Clare LEO and Tipperary LEO.

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