Our Company  is a family operated company specialising in bagged aggregates & building materials, founded by Tim and Theresa Murphy In 1990. Tim Murphy has over 50 years experience in the sand and aggregates business in Ireland. Since the business began, it has grown to become the biggest and best known supplier of quality bagged aggregates supplying a variety of pre-packed products in 25kg, 40 kg, and Bulk bags throughout the country.



From the first time that you encounter Bryko from a simple enquiry to end delivery of your goods, You will find all of our staff professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled in all aspects of their jobs. We are here to provide the best advice to you on the use of our products. We are often called upon and have been involved in many of the most high profile building projects in the country. The engineers involved in these projects have used Bryko's services again and again.



Bryko’s reputation for supplying only the highest quality materials is well known and appreciated by reputable builders and engineers throughout the country. This is the main reason for the success of the company to date. We at Bryko insist on supplying only the highest quality materials, for all of our products, from washed sands to coloured renders at all times. In 2007 Bryko invested in a high quality deposit of sand and gravel in Baltinglass in Co. Wicklow to date over 4.5 million has been invested in plant and equipment for processing the material from this deposit and this has secured our supply of aggregate for the next 50 years, where many other sand suppliers are coming to the end of their natural deposits or are buying in product from several sources which inevitably leads to inconsistency in products produced.



Bryko were the first company in Ireland to introduce bulk bags for use in the building industry. Since then, these bags have massively transformed the industry. The spirit of innovation has not left us and we have been constantly driving forward new and exciting products, many of which are featured on this website. These innovations will improve and transform the way building is carried out in Ireland in the future.


Bryko quality building materials have been the cornerstone to our business. By insisting on using only the highest quality materials and supplying them at the most affordable prices, this has strengthened our position in the marketplace, with customers choosing Bryko products over our competitors every time. All of these products are available in 25kg, 40kg, bulk bags and can be delivered by bulk load to your customers. Prepacked products come clearly labelled with barcodes and basic instructions with the intention of aiding the DIY enthusiast as to the best choice of products to use.


Imported from across Europe and South America, Bryko Natural Stone provides a beautiful spectrum from which to choose the colour of your house, and Bryko holds one of the broadest ranges of coloured stone. These stones can be mixed to customer requirements so that you get just the finish you desire. The stone on the this page is available in several sizes depending on use. Please note that as stone is a natural product and can be subject to colour variation these pictures should be used as an indicator of colour only.



The most cost effective and probably quickest way to dramatically Improve the appearance of any home, Bryko's decorative garden pebble has a variety of decorative uses for paths, driveways and water features. Bryko's decorative stone can be used functionally for weed control and drainage of patios and areas subject to water logging. Whatever use the stone is to be put to there is no easier DIY friendly job in the home.





Responding to emergency flood response requests is one of Bryko's specialities and we have gained a reputation over the last number of years for our rapid response and sheer volume of control measures which can be supplied. During times of severe flooding Bryko work closely with local authorities, county councils and the military across Ireland to supply their flood bag needs. At the same time supplying merchants with filled bags aiding the public to defend their own properties.


At Bryko we have the equipment and the capacity to produce massive amounts of filled and stitched flood bags, both plastic or hessian, along with larger bulk bags and our new patented mini dam products. Bryko will continue to introduce innovative products to combat the menace that is flooding, to the public.

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