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I am a professional Woodturner from Tralee Co Kerry Ireland. I work with fallen Irish Hardwoods for the most part creating functional and decorative pieces for the home and gift market. I am am member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and a member of the Original Kerry Craft group. David Condon Woodcraft is my website.

Since early 2019 I have started to teach my craft , in effect passing on some of the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. Woodturning alone does not pay the bills unfortunately, so I have added 4 retail sections on my website. Maybe I can tempt you into buying a few pieces.... Check out my Woodturning Tuition calendar on my website and see the list of available dates.  Please contact me through my website to book your session.

Although I have listed a phone number it is not the best way to contact me. I work with loud machinery all day and I can't take breaks to ring people back when I miss calls. Please contact me via my website as I then have a written record of your request.

Due to market changes over the last few years, I have branched out into Craft Supplies selling Ribbon, Bow, Christmas Ribbon, Stickers, Gift Bags and more. I use some of these products in my own Craft so it was a natural progression to sell to other Craft businesses and members of the public. Woodcraft is not a great money maker, so supplemental income streams are necessary. Please visit my website and have a look around. Supporting small Irish Businesses is more important now than it ever was.

Christmas Tree Decorations


A lovely mix of Irish Sourced Handcrafted Hardwood pieces and ready made retail Christmas Tree Decorations. Gift Boxes available. Prices vary. More info at

Group/Family 2 Hr Ornament Making Experience


If you are on Vacation in Kerry Ireland then this is something absolutely unique that you and your group/family can do together over the course of 2 Hrs. If you are from Ireland and on a 'staycation' you are most welcome too! More info at

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